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Eating a Hard Breakfast with Walter Brueggemann

Walter Bruegemann is an Old Testament scholar who has interacted with the Old Testament in a deeply honest way.  The result is fresh and prophetic (read troubling and unsettling).  In a podcast interview with Marc van Bulck I discovered recently, he deals with messy themes of the Old Testament as unflinchingly as a triage doctor on

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This is Fatherhood

Today, my dad turns 70.  There is only one Allan Van Allen…thats one of those safe statements I can make in the world.  Anyone who knows my dad would agree. Dad, you have been an old-school dying-breed family man.  You loved, love, and will love Mom…its an axiom of my universe.   Keeping that government

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Kicking, Screaming, and Following Jesus

I find Jesus very easy to follow in theory.  Its when he wants to go somewhere specific that I start having problems. December 2nd, 5am: I’m inexplicably unable to sleep and find myself reading “A Road to Daybreak” by Henri Nouwen.  He talks of God’s call on him to leave the intellectually stimulating environment as a professor at Harvard

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